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About  us

“Creativity takes courage” - Henri Matisse

About Dazzle

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Daphnee Rinvil, Owner of Dazzled Utopia Art Studio

(Brooklyn and Long Island)

Daphnee Rinvil is the passionate owner of Dazzled Utopia and has a strong commitment to education and art, as evidenced by her role as the owner of Dazzled Utopia Art Studio Her background in education, with a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Master's in Special Education, along with dual certifications in Early Childhood and Special

Education highlights her dedication to working with children, especially those. Daphnee's 12 year experience as a SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher Teacher underscores her expertise in providing specialized educational support to children with special needs. Her work in this field reflects her passion for positively impacting the lives of these children and their families. The creation of Dazzled Utopia Art Studio is not only a testament to her love for art but also a personal journey of resilience and healing, having battled breast cancer. Through her studio, Daphnee offers a wide range of art programs for people of all ages, from academic art classes to private paint parties and art days. Her goal is clear: to provide solace, joy, and a positive learning environment through the medium of art

Furthermore, her expansion to Dazzled Utopia LI shows her commitment to extending the reach of her art and education programs, bringing creativity and happiness to a broader community.


Daphnee Rinvil's dedication to spreading joy through creativity and her inspirational journey makes her a significant and positive force in the

Brooklyn, New York, and Long Island communities. Her work at Dazzled Utopia Art Studio not only enriches the lives of her students but also serves

as a source of inspiration for others.



Rozalyn Paupaw, Co-Owner, Dazzled Utopia, Art Studio, LI

Rozalyn is an "Unconventioneer" artist who brings a unique blend of creativity, event expertise, and a passion for inclusivity to North Babylon a

nd its neighboring communities.

Rozalyn isn't just an artist; she's a certified life of the party and an exceptional event specialist. With her impeccable attention to detail and an innate

ability to craft one-of-a-kind experiences, she has a remarkable knack for turning any gathering, whether it's an intimate affair or a grand corporate event,

into an extraordinary and unforgettable occasion.

But Rozalyn's talents go beyond her artistic skills. She's a dedicated professional who takes delight in working with individuals of all ages and abilities.

Using art as a medium, she excels at building teams and communities that foster creativity and inclusivity. Teaching and mentoring are at the very

heart of her identity, and she approaches these roles with boundless enthusiasm, consistently inspiring and empowering all those fortunate enough to

cross her path.

Her partnership with Daphnee to bring the fun and excitement from the Brooklyn studio to communities they have served over the years was a natural

progression for Rozalyn. Whether within the studio's creative haven or beyond its walls, Rozalyn's unwavering commitment to making each moment

exceptional shines brightly. Her unconventional approach to art and her steadfast support for personal and professional growth make her a cherished

presence in North Babylon and its vibrant surroundings. Join her in creating and celebrating unforgettable moments of art and community.

About Dazzled Utopia

Dazzle Utopia is not just an art studio and event space; it's a sanctuary of creativity where everyone, regardless of ability, is invited to express themselves through art. At Dazzled Utopia Art Studio, we believe art is a universal language that transcends barriers. Our mission is to provide a safe, welcoming, and adaptive environment where people of all ages and abilities can explore, create, and thrive through the magic of art.

Our Core Values:

At Dazzle Utopia, our core values embrace diversity and inclusivity:

We warmly welcome artists of all abilities, ensuring a space where everyone can explore self-expression through various art forms.

What We Offer:

Art Studio: Our well-equipped studio is a haven for artists of every background and ability. Create, experiment, and grow in a supportive environment.

Event Space: Host your art parties, workshops, and creative events in our versatile and accessible event space.

Community: Join a diverse and passionate community of artists who inspire and uplift each other.

Education: Benefit from workshops, classes, and mentorship programs are designed to enhance your skills and foster personal growth.

Why Choose Dazzle Utopia:

  • Art Classes for All Ages and Ability

  • Specialized Programs

  • Therapeutic Art Classes

  • A Place for All levels of experience

  • A Creative Space  

  • Supportive Community

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